Introducing Sensa

I believe in a broad definition of design that admits as possible to design businesses, strategies, images, products, spaces, messages and experiences.

During the last few years, I surrounded myself with professionals with whom I share this definition and, along with our clients, we developed a methodology that uses it as a principle to create value on their ventures.

I am really proud to introduce the crystallization of this vision. Sensa is an interdisciplinary studio where we do beautifully coherent design.


At Sensa, we believe in long-lasting relationships, and in the importance of establishing principles that guide them. This is how we work:

What else?

From now on, we will show you some of the work we do for renowned clients such as Forbes, Condé Nast, and Starbucks, and with fast-growing startups such as Aplazame or Footters.

Meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter, Dribbble, and Instagram.