Sensa: our Public Moodboard

As we often say at Sensa, we believe in a broad vision of design that relates to businesses, strategies, images, products, spaces, messages and experiences.

We love what we do. We constantly look around to see what others are doing and back to know the roots of our craft. We also believe in sharing, so we decided to post and discuss about the things that inspire us to do what we do.

A public moodboard

We will do it like this:

Fist, we will post every day on our Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram profiles. On Sundays, we will meet here, on Medium, with a weekly recap of what was posted during the week by us and other people, and sometimes adding news that happened at our studio.

We start today

This will be a conversation with you. We would like you to join us, to know what inspires you and what you believe in. Feel free to post using the daily hashtags, to tell us what you liked and what you did not, to propose other topics. “There is nothing more inspiring than the confrontation of ideas”, as a wise woman said.

That’s all for today! We started this #ProductMonday with the first iPhone (Apple, 2007) because it is the product that, at least for us, changed everything. It’s a classic, but we just had to do it. That said, we promise to be more creative tomorrow :)

Happy inspiration!

The Sensa team