Aplazame: instant credit for purchases

At first, Aplazame did not seem to be the most interesting project in which to participate. Until we met its founder and CEO, Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, who became one of our most valued customers and mentors.

Fernando is clear that, through its abuses, traditional banking has lost some of its most valuable capital – its customers – and that the way to recover it is by making simple, transparent and fair products.


The checkout is the first point of contact a customer has with Aplazame. The differential advantage of the installment payment is that it allows people to buy comfortably and knowing up to the last penny they are going to pay. We took the values of honesty, closeness, and speed to design a checkout process that the competition speaks of as the best in the market.


We made a commitment to make the installation of Aplazame in each store as fast and easy as possible. We organized the sections to get an installation in only 3 steps. We designed a powerful control panel that lets you know the status of purchases, carry out financing campaigns and get useful insights.


In fast-growing startups, sometimes, there is no time to present all the news coming out. At Aplazame, the homepage is a sign of identity that not only shows the vision and services available, but also converts thanks to its simplicity and effective communication. To support this, we created a whole universe of illustrations that can be seen during the interactions with Aplazame.

Press & impact

Aplazame has seen huge growth since we started collaborating, with an average inter-monthly growth of 20%. We keep working together to continue the international deployment and offer an expanding suite of services to stores and customers.

"We’ve been working with Sensa for years, but we don’t recommend anyone else to hire them. Their work is addictive."

– Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, CEO.