Footters: it's time for the small big teams

Footters was born with a very clear idea – to give visibility to soccer that seems invisible but that in fact is the majority and the very base of soccer itself.

Footters is aimed at fans who want to discover a local, different, more competitive and more exciting matches. A real soccer that is close, quarry, with feeling and values. A soccer that is full of stars to discover and great stories to tell.

For the fans

Anyone can register at Footters and follow players, coaches or clubs for free to keep track of their news and progress. Subscribers can watch the matches, the best plays and the interviews of their favorite soccer team, its affiliated teams and all of its categories and ages.

For the clubs

Footters is aimed at football clubs that want to stop being invisible to the rest of the world soccer community. No matter the category in which you compete, no matter the budget nor the place of the world where you play. All you need is to be federated and to want to take the step to start getting the most out of Footters' work tool.

For the players

Footters wants players shine, giving them tools to analyze their statistics and letting them share their profile. Every player can show the videos of their best plays, get in the top rankings or even study how rivals play.

Future plans

Footters is growing steadily, adding 1k+ players and 100+ clubs every month. With partners like IBM and ProLiga, their goal is keep working to offer more resources to clubs and players, improving their finances and visibility.

"Sensa helped us take our business to the next level when we were in a phase of rapid growth, providing solutions that allow us to establish our foundations for the future. We continue working together to carry out our long-term vision."

– Julio Fariñas, CEO.