Forbes. Evolving an iconic lifestyle brand.

Forbes Japan contacted us to illustrate their interesting issue of cutting-edge technology and new production processes. They wanted to show users how industries make use of drones, autonomous cars, wind power or artificial intelligence.

Onboarding & briefing

As with many big publishers, the deadline was tough – we needed to deliver the final work in one week. We got a detailed brief and got to work.


We started asking a few questions and sketching some ideas that we think could work. After some iterations, the sketches got approved and we proceeded to polish and digitalize them.

Consistency, brand & style

Creating a consistent style and color palette was important to ensure that the Forbes brand and the overall essence of the article was reflected.

Final result

We finished the set of illustrations in 5 days, the issue was published a couple weeks after, and Forbes was kind enough to send us a physical copy of the magazine. Feel free to get yours here!