Score: the best companion for sports fans

Score is an app designed for the most fervent sports fans, where they can watch the best live highlights of their favorite teams and trash talk with their rivals. It was selected by Facebook and presented in F8 as one of the first apps available on Messenger.

Fast & intuitive

Live sports are special. They're exciting, fast and very emotional. When designing Score, we wanted to make the available content appealing but also making it easy to find and share with friends. Our solution was to create an ordered timeline with which to see and share the content with a single touch.

Designed for the fans

We have different feelings, teams, and colors. We believe in a vision of sport that unites people and celebrates diversity. Each fan is different, and with Score we made the design of the app alternate according to the favorite teams of our clients.

Hand-crafted details

Sensa is a detail-oriented design studio. During our collaboration with Score we created things like:

1. An extremely fast registration process using just one tap.

2. A custom icon set representing each sport and section.

3. As mentioned, a custom design for each team.

4. A fun, friendly and straight-forward experience.

F8 introduction

Thousands of people gathered in San Francisco to witness the F8, Facebook's stellar event where they show new features and show his vision on the future of social relationships. Mark Zuckerberg was in charge of announcing, among other things, the first apps available on Messenger, a platform that currently has more than a billion users.

Press & impact

We were very excited to see how Score was introduced as one of those apps in such a special event, that was featured on media like Fortune, Adweek and Forbes.

You can watch the keynote on Facebook.