TapTapTravel: discover your next adventure

TapTapTravel was born as a very simple idea — to be the easiest way to travel around the world. From the very beginning, we were clear that this concept should be reflected in all aspects of the product, from branding to user experience.

Sticking to the core

During the brainstorming process, we began to question the way we usually travel and to see how TapTapTravel could add value to the existent travel solutions. The discovery experience should be simple and straight-forward, fresh and exciting, and radically different to the current flight comparators... so we decided to turn it around.


When you first open TapTapTravel there are no sign-up processes, tutorials or other interruptions. You just see affordable destinations that we think you may like. The experience is so simple and intuitive that it doesn't need explanations. Simply swipe to the left to discard, and to the right to buy.

Our design principles

Focus: Content is always the protagonist.

Hierarchy: We only show essential actions.

Feedback: The elements on screen react progressively to your actions.

Future plans

We started with a very limited version that we developed in a just a few weeks but, after the interest aroused in the community, we decided to take our idea to the next level and create a complete checkout experience within the app.

We're currently developing this new version. Meanwhile, you can download TapTapTravel for free and find your next adventure.