Torch: a simple router for digital parenting

Internet is an amazing place. It is open, interactive and virtually infinite. It allows us to discover places and experiences that were not previously within our reach. For children, this is a double-edged sword.

We started working with Torch after their successful Kickstarter campaign. Torch was introduced as a pioneering device: a router intended to give parents control over their children's education.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Torch should be dead-simple to use and that we needed to communicate with care with our out little users.


We structured Torch in 4 main sections:

1. My Torch: activity summary and quick configuration.

2. Devices: control of internet access points.

3. Blocked: control of inappropriate content.

4. Settings: general and advanced preferences.

Cards & profiles

Next step was identifying the relevant information we should show on each kid’s card. We split the card in 2: quick setup and statistics. This made easy to have an overview of the little ones and edit the access settings in seconds.

Content settings

The content management is essential. With the intelligent category organization we made it possible to activate or block categories of hundreds of sites with just a tap. Each kid is different, and this feature allows Torch to fit each one of them.

Ready for the kids

It was essential for us to take care of the messages we send to the little ones. The greatest friction point occurs when the kid receives the time-out message, so we worked on a set of coherent illustrations that allow their interactions to be even more bearable.

Press & impact

Torch had a major impact in international press, appearing on media like Fortune, Adweek and Forbes.