Whipp: simple parking

Parking is broken – we all know this. Parking lots are difficult to find, expensive, and the whole experience is far from taking advantage of the possibilities that technology offers nowadays.

Whipp contacted us to help them improve how parking works. After doing some research, we ended up creating a 360º solution that helps drivers, valets, and businesses. Here’s how we did it.

Whipp for Drivers

The driver’s solution needed to be useful and simple. We streamlined the user journey and designed an app that makes easy for users to find and reserve their spot in seconds.

Whipp for Valets

Valets deal with a lot of information that is usually difficult to organize. They need to see the availability of their parking lot, the status of their customer’s vehicles and their contact information. So we created a Whipp Valet app displays all that useful information in a beautiful way.

Brand & website

At Sensa, we usually design products first, brands seconds. The reason is that we’ve found that companies usually better know themselves when they put their services first and remove the unnecessary parts of a classic brand study.

Whipp was all about simplicity. After designing their Drivers & Valets apps we worked on their brand and their website. A fresh color palette and illustration set combines with a straightforward logo that makes easy for first-time customers to feel what Whipp is about from the first sight.